Safe link Generator - URL Redirector

Safe link Generator - URL Redirector

Encrypt your URLs and Generate a safe link with our this free tool. Hide Your Referral Url and change it to ours. It is of various use to you. You can take full advantage of sharing links in Different Social Media and others. Read This Whole Article To Know More...

TITLE: Safe Link Generator - URL Redirector 
PUBLISHED ON: 27 March 2020
CREATED BY: Mahedi Zaman Zaber
PLANS: Free For All

So, that was some details about our tool but Not All... Have a look at these FEATURES of this tool...


  • Unblocking Link Sharing: 
    With this tool, you can unblock your links. Like, You have a website link that you want to share with others in social media Like FACEBOOK, TWITTER, etc. But that like is reported as a SCAM in your desired platform. In this case, you can't share that link there. But Here's a solution. Try Our Tool 'Safe link Generator - URL Redirector' to generate an encrypted link or masked redirect link for that website and Yahoo! You can share that generated link in all social media and that new link won't be blocked. So, You will be able to redirect people to that link via our tool in social media...

  • Redirect Users To Another URL Hiding You Site URL as referrer:
    Sometimes you may want to hide the link from where you are redirecting or sending the user to another link to another website. So, your website doesn't show them as a referrer. So, here's a quick easy solution. Use Our Tool to mask/hide your website to other sites as a referrer. We will replace your site address with others to make your redirection anonymous...

  • Whatever your link is It won't be marked as scam ever:
    It doesn't matter what you have on that link, just use our tool and that site would never be marked as a scam to other platforms.

  • And Many More...

violation of our Terms & conditions will permanently ban your IP address and Alas! you won't be able to use any of our tools ever again..

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