Android Studio
How To Fix ‘Unknown failure: cmd: Can’t find service: package’ Easily in Android Studio

Fix the issue 'cmd package install-create -r -t -S 1699739' returns error 'Unknown failure: cmd: Can't find service: package' when launching the emulator.

How To Create A Beautiful Splash Activity In Android Studio

Create an eye-catching, beautiful splash activity for your android app in Android Studio. create a splash activity in Android Studio easily

How To Change Package Name In Android Studio

Change the package name of your existing app or any android projects that you brought/downloaded recently without any errors?

How To Add Ripple Effect/Animation To Button or Any Views in Android Studio

Adding custom ripple effect to your button, layout, card view, or any other views will make your app look more professional and gorgeous. It will give instant ...

How To Start Android Emulator (AVD) Without Starting Android Studio

We may want to use only the preferred AVD (Android emulator) without starting Android Studio as Android Studio consumes high ram usage. We may want this to ...

How To Use/Display Toast in Android Studio [All Customizations]

It's way easier to Toast a message in Android Studio than you think. We use Toast to show a message to a user when a task starts or task completes or a result ...

How To Change The ActionBar Title Programmatically In Android Studio

When switching between Fragments or maybe some other kind of works, you may need to change the ActionBar title according to fragments or user actions. But ...

How To Create A TextView Programmatically In Android Studio

Create a TextView inside a LayoutView using javascript in Android Studio. Add texts one by one according to task status or want to create a TextView inside a ...

How To Add Responsive Animation In Splash Activity In Android Studio

Adding animation in your Splash Activity makes it look more responsive and premium. Add a responsive, fresh animation in your Splash Activity in Android Studio

How To Get Debug Signing SHA1 Certificate in Android Studio

In Android Studio, it creates a self-signed debug certificate which is used to sign the app in development. You need to register the fingerprint of this...

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