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Strong Password Generator For Ultimate Security

A strong password is very helpful to protect the things that matters a lot to you, such as your social media, website, advertising platform or even your ...

Device ID – Get All Android Device Informations & IDs

Get Device & Advertising & Hardware ID, GSF, IMEI, MNSI, IP, MAC Address, etc Description "Device ID" by Zealtyro.com helps you to get your ...

ZealCrypt – Encryption And Decryption App

Encrypt or Decrypt your data easily in different methods or algorithms or hashes and Encode/Decode in different languages with ZealCrypt fast and easily, ...

How To Convert A Batch (.bat) File Into Executable (.exe) File Easily

We discovered so many software that converts .bat file to .exe but most of them are infected with the virus. In this video, we will show you how you can ...

How To Make A Simple Snake Game In 15 Easy Steps | Batch Programming

We play many games on our laptop/PC. In the past, we used to play a classic game of a snake where you have to feed a snake and make him longer and to survive

Safe link Generator – URL Redirector

Encrypt your urls and Generate a safe links with our this free tool. Hide Your Referral Url and change it to ours.It is of various use to you.

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