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SEO Basics – A Complete #1 SEO Guide For Beginners

What is SEO? Why it's important? How to get started with SEO? What needs to be fixed and How? What needs to be avoided? Learn everything you need to know about ...

How To Get A Free WordPress.org Hosting

Even wonderded to create a website of your dreams using wordpress? But wordpress.com ristricting you a lot? Then you must get a web hosting but don't want to ...

How To Fix “404 Page Not Found” Error On “?m=1” Redirect

Getting "404 page not found" error while visiting your URL ends with "?m=1" after Blogger to WordPress migration? fix this using CloudFlare and Cpanel

How To Change Page URL Without Losing SEO Rank

Want to change your article/page URL? If you are not willing to change your domain name just the URL under same domain, then this is for you

How To Disable ‘Inspect Element’ And ‘View Page Source’ Option On Website

confidential functions to secure your website or prevent others from duplication your website. disable the right click and all shortcuts of inspecting

How To Block Specific Traffic Source From My Website Using CloudFlare

we may see some unusual visits from a specific source (referral traffic) that is badly impacting our site SEO ranking and analytics.

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