How To Fix ‘Unknown failure: cmd: Can’t find service: package’ Easily in Android Studio

You may have created an amazing android app using android studio after spending hours of time or even days, now you want to test your app on a virtual android device (AVD). You are so excited.

But everything gets ruined when you see an error saying ” ‘cmd package install-create -r -t -S 1699739′ returns error ‘Unknown failure: cmd: Can’t find service: package‘ “, now you may have already spent a lot of time trying different things to fix this but you couldn’t and became very disappointed.

But no worries, here we are to help you fix the issue ” ‘cmd package install-create -r -t -S 1699739’ returns error ‘Unknown failure: cmd: Can’t find service: package’ ” while trying to start the emulator. This problem is from the emulator device, it got frozen!

Fixing ‘Unknown failure: cmd: Can’t find service: package’

Follow the steps below to fix this error:

  • First of all, Open your AVD manager.
  • Then choose your virtual device and on the right side you will find an Arrow down
  • Click on that arrow
  • Then Click ‘Cold Boot Now
  • Wait For a Few seconds

Fina Words

If you are still facing the same or not being able to understand the instructions then please follow the same shown in the video above. Any other issues? Let us know in the comment box, we will reach you as soon as possible. Don’t forget to share and react to show what you felt about this quick fix! Thanks

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  1. great, this worked

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