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Flashbacks – A Story Based On World Wars | Chapter 1

A story based on world wars where a boy struggles his whole life. A story full of emotions, tragedy, heartbreaking, pain, and hope.

SEO Basics – A Complete #1 SEO Guide For Beginners

What is SEO? Why it’s important? How to get started with SEO? What needs to be fixed and How? What needs to be avoided? Learn everything you need to …

How To Fix ‘Unknown failure: cmd: Can’t find service: package’ Easily in Android Studio

Fix the issue ‘cmd package install-create -r -t -S 1699739’ returns error ‘Unknown failure: cmd: Can’t find service: package’ when launching the …

How To Create A Beautiful Splash Activity In Android Studio

Create an eye-catching, beautiful splash activity for your android app in Android Studio. create a splash activity in Android Studio easily

IO Papers – Best Selective HD Wallpapers

Get fresh quality HD wallpapers updated regularly to fill your hearts content!

How To Get A Free Hosting

Even wonderded to create a website of your dreams using wordpress? But ristricting you a lot? Then you must get a web hosting but don’t …

How To Create My Own Python Package

Ever wanted to have your own python package on pypi? Ever wondered that your package will be used my a million or even a billion developers for …

How To Create A Changing Status & Activity In Discord Py

Create a looping status task for your or all other forks of such as disnake, pycord, etc bot. All types of status types …

Top 10 Free Public APIs Without Need Of Auth Token

Want to spice up your website, app, web app or bots? Why not try some fun and helpful APIs? But most of the API needs authorization tokens which can …

How To Create & Host Your Own Website For Free

Want to create a website of your own, reach millions of people worldwide? Wondering if you can create one for free? Then this article is for you

How To Change Package Name In Android Studio

Change the package name of your existing app or any android projects that you brought/downloaded recently without any errors?

How To Fix “404 Page Not Found” Error On “?m=1” Redirect

Getting “404 page not found” error while visiting your URL ends with “?m=1” after Blogger to WordPress migration? fix this using CloudFlare and Cpanel

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